Annual Individual Service Package

Annual Individual Service Package

We are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive approach to your financial well-being, not just preparing your tax return.  Our annual services include the following:

Income Tax Preparation.  This includes providing you with a tax organizer to assist in the collection of the information and documents needed to complete your tax return.  You may then either mail in your organizer and tax documents or schedule a face-to-face meeting with a tax professional in our office to discuss the tax information while your return is prepared.

Annual Financial Planning Consultation with Robert Alkon or Jeff Levine.  We consider this the most important service for our clients.  This one to two hour meeting is specifically tailored to address your financial concerns for the upcoming year whether it be about your investments, cash flow, budgeting, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance needs and the like. We call this meeting a “financial therapy” session.  We do not sell any product; we are just having an objective conversation regarding your needs, resources, goals and objectives.  We believe this annual meeting is a major value of our total annual package.

Unlimited Short Communications throughout the year – by phone, email or fax.  One of our professionals will answer any question related to your finances.  If it is determined that additional work is needed to completely respond to your inquiry, we may bill you for that additional time at our hourly rates.

Our minimum annual fee starts at $2,000, however, the fee may be increased depending on your situation.  We offer an introductory meeting with one of our professionals at no charge.

We guarantee client satisfaction.  If our professional service does not meet your expectations, we will refund your current fee.

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An important component of our service to individuals is financial planning.

Annual Individual Service Package  


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